Entry for August 19, 2006 Sony woes

 pspI should warn everyone to please don’t waste time and money on a PSP. Take my word, I have owned one since launch day and it was the most expensive paper weight I have ever owned. The games are all half baked, overpriced snoozefests, and Sony is crazy if they think people will buy movies they all ready own on there hackneyed UMD format! Not to mention if you want to download a movie after buying there proprietary memory stick for over 100 bucks, the videos won’t even play full resolution on your screen! Once again Sony’s greed screws the pooch with there hardware. Beta, ATRAC and now SACD’s are all examples. On the SACD side, it is a shame because it is/was a truly promising format which I still enjoy. If you are looking for some handheld goodness, try the Nintendo DS. As usual, Nintendo comes through with the fun, and reasonable price! Image


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