Entry for October 02, 2006


This recent lack of updates is brought to you by….. Bud Light! Bud Light, brewed with the finest ingredients for a refeshingly smooth taste! 


4 Responses to “Entry for October 02, 2006”

  1. D. Peace Says:

    I assume you mean that the sheer crappiness of Bud Light’s weak, yellow, domestic ale is so much like toilet water that it’s distracted you.

    You lie awake at night wondering why anything as shitty as Bud Light can continue to sell, and THAT’S why you’re not updating your blog.


    As for me, I’ll take a Guinness.

  2. carnell Says:

    Eh, all beer is kind of vile in my opinion. I agree Bud light IS swill, however. But Guinness?!?! Motor oil with a wax ball in the can? I can’t bear it my friend.
    Thanks for being my first comment as I do the tedious task of moving my Blog over here.

  3. D. Peace Says:

    Alright, fair enough. But even if you hate it, you have to admit Guinness has a taste. There are cheap domestic beers that seem to forget that this quality is a necessity, not an option.

    And I’m glad to comment. Keep posting.

  4. carnell Says:

    Yes, Guinness has a taste.

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