Entry for October 19, 2006


  Well, Microsoft released Internet Explorer 7 today, and I am giving it a whirl. I must say they certainly didn’t make it easy to transfer your Firefox bookmarks over, and I am sure that is there way of payback to us dissidents.  I found a program that does it, sort of, HERE.  You see, it only does top folders, so if you have tons of bookmarks, in cascading folders, like myself, well, you are kinda hosed. It will take a bit of reorganizing, but nothing is simple I suppose. I recommend the 32 bit version for most of you, if you need the 64 bit version, you should know.

 I have NOT switched away from my beloved Firefox mind you, I am just needing IE7 to sync my favorites with my Pocket PC. Truthfully, I see no reason for you to switch if you already use Firefox, however, Microsoft will give you this in early November anyway and it does seem a bit more secure than before. Only time will tell if it really is secure, and with their track record, I am going to take a “wait and see” attitude in the mean time. Happy Safe Surfing, no matter what browser you choose.


-Carnell Image


1) Firefox

2) Internet Explorer 7

3) Bookmark Converter


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