Entry for March 02, 2007

So there I was, sitting at the red light. A small SUV in front of me, with the weather being like it was (white out and icy) I left enough distance in between us in case it happened. I always do, but it never happens. Only in insurance commercials does it happen. I glanced up in my rear view mirror and saw it. There was no way it could stop so I braced for impact.

During the crash I locked my brakes up and turned my wheel to the left so I wouldn’t ram the car in front of me. The collision caused my hat to fly off of my head. I was disoriented for but a second and began to pull over to access the damages. Then I looked around to see where the person who hit me was. I will tell you where he was, in a turning lane attempting a hit and run! Luckily I was able to act fast and hop the curb and pull in front of him and block his path! I then got out to make sure no one was injured, I promptly snapped a photo of his license plate. and asked the driver if he had insurance. We all know the answer to this one….no.

Now for the comedy (although I ain’t laughing about this yet cause my poor pick up is a wreck) Not ONLY did this scumbag ask for me NOT to call the cops, but he wanted ME to lie about who the driver was. Like I owe this assbag a favor, after destroying my property, and not even having the decency to have insurance. Of course no one in the vehicle was licensed or legal and the cops had to impound and arrest. Can someone with insurance PLEASE be the next person to slam into me?!?! How many times do I have to get off work and be slammed into by some crack head or thug wanna be?!?! Last time this happened, the guy tried to run while his woman hid in a nearby building. I had to block him in too! That idiot was in a stolen car. SIGH.


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