…And Then I Was Ill…

Genesis, …and then there were three… SACD review.



  In 1978 Genesis found themselves without a lead guitarist, a vocalist who wasn’t entirely sure he wanted the job yet, and members who were all around becoming a bit credit hungry. I should start off by saying that “Three” was always one of my least favorite in the catalog. I have never found any of the songs particularly interesting, with the exception of the hit single “Follow You Follow me” and “Many Too Many”. I used to skip this one all together. I tried to leave my bias at the door when sitting down to listen to this one. As I recall, I have always thought it was a poor sounding, garbled sort of album. I had hoped that the SACD release would clear that up, and make this a more enjoyable experience. I was wrong.



1.) Down And Out- Not nearly as much sheen and sparkle as was heard on Wind and Wuthering. Recording is quite harsh actually. Compared to the original CD release and the remaster, it has opened a bit more, but still muddy.


2.) Undertow- Grime? Grain? You can hear the track sounds strained. Vocals sound like Phil used a budget Microphone.


3.) Ballad of Big- This track is far more open than any other release, and still manages to be a clusterfuck.


4.) Snowbound- Much clearer vocals, Far more open with some decent imaging. I was losing hope. This is much better.


5.) Burning Rope- None of the realism I am used to hearing on SACD. Sounds like a mediocre CD. Wondering if it is my bias against this album. Lord, will this song end?


6.) Deep in the Motherlode- Direct quote from my notes “Little or no bass definition. No sheen on cymbals, sounds like static. CD quality at best. Messy surrounds just spread the mess.”


7.) Many To Many- I think I like the CD remaster version better on this one. Phil was clearer.


8.) Scenes from a Night’s Dream- Quoting my notes again, I wrote; “Am I listening to a CD?!?!” At this point I physically confirmed I was listening to the surround layer of an SACD via my players on screen menus.


9.) Say It’s All Right Joe- C’mon Joe, say this is a bad joke, and my real disc is in the mail. Ugh.


10.)The Lady Lies- We have digressed to Early ‘80’s CD quality now. Surrounds are unnecessary which magnifies the problems. Main Vocals clearer, but still get lost in the chorus. Cymbal crashes sound “crunchy”.


11.)Follow You Follow me- Phil said that when they originally recorded this album, that they knew it would be a hit, so they returned to the studio, rerecorded it, and polished it up. It shows. He must have bought a new microphone on his way back. Sounds much better than the rest of the album, and that ain’t saying much.


 Was I too hard on this? No, I think not, if one of my favorites like “Selling England by the Pound” or “Duke” comes off sounding like this, I won’t be terribly pleased. As far as a letter grade, I think I will cop out, because of my dislike for this album. Some albums like “Wind” grew on me as I got older, Check back with me in a decade, it might take that long.




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