Mark Knopfler’s new solo album

Mark Knopfler

NEW SOLO ALBUM: Mark’s new solo album, Kill To Get Crimson, will be released worldwide on or around the 10th of September, 2007. The title is taken from a line in one of the songs.

Track listing:

True Love Will Never Fade
The Scaffolder’s Wife
The Fizzy And The Still
Heart Full Of Holes
We Can Get Wild
Secondary Waltz
Punish The Monkey

Let It All Go
Behind With The Rent
The Fish And The Bird
Madame Geneva’s
In The Sky

I got this info from The MKNews site. The Best place for Mark Knopfler news in the world! Click the link if you are a fan.

Knopfler cover


2 Responses to “Mark Knopfler’s new solo album”

  1. randy cravey Says:

    absolutely magnificent. his mastery of the guitar is the best i have ever heard definitely second to none.

  2. Samir Says:

    local hero merci

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