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Brothers in Arms

July 15, 2007

Brothers in arms DS

Not only is Brothers in Arms one of my favorite albums, it’s swiftly becoming one of my favorite DS games. I am not a huge fan of first person shooters (FPS), but I am having a blast (pun intended) with this quick, and fun little war game. Graphics are really impressive (for a DS) and I am surprised how many sound effects and voice recordings they used. I highly recommend this for times when you get that itchy trigger finger on the go.

In other news, I finally got around to watching Nintendo’s E3 2007 press conference. While it didn’t have me on the edge of my seat like 2006 did, I am quite excited about several things coming. I know Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass, will eat up most of my spare time soon. I find myself curious about Wii Fit, and think the pad can really be used for a mind boggling array of things. Next month’s release of Metroid Prime Corruption has me chomping at the bits also. If you don’t have a Wii yet, get on it! I don’t think they will be easy to come by this Christmas, and this summer lull might be your only shot.

Summer Vacation! No more fatwas! No more books! No more American Soldier’s dirty looks!

July 15, 2007

Bush Moron

Iraqi parliament’s vacation criticised

Published: July 14, 2007, 23:31

Washington: The White House appeared resigned to the fact that the Iraqi parliament is going to take August off, even though it has just eight weeks to show progress on military, political and economic benchmarks prescribed by the United States.

“My understanding is at this juncture they’re going to take August off, but, you know, they may change their minds,” White House press secretary Tony Snow said on Friday. “You know, it’s 54 degree Celsius [130 degrees Fahrenheit] in Baghdad in August,” he said, sympathetically.

Snow was reminded that US troops will be continuing to fight throughout August in the heat. “You know, that’s a good point,” Snow said.

Last month, the Iraqi parliament decided to cancel the first month of a two-month summer vacation supposed to start on July 1, in order to take up legislation, including a new law governing the oil industry.

The vacation plans have been repeatedly criticised by US lawmakers. But the US Congress will be on vacation from August 3 to September 4, if it sticks to current plans.

How can anyone defend keeping our troops there any longer?

Windows Live Mobile Search revisited.

July 14, 2007

Windows Mobile screenshot

Well heck, my post a couple of weeks ago was all about Windows Live Search for mobile. I got a chance to use it on a work trip, in an area I am entirely unfamiliar with, and it worked perfectly! Now, they have gone and released a new version of it. I have to go out of town again soon, and I see this version has some new features I can’t wait to try out!

You can find the new version Here.

Windows Mobile Live Search

July 1, 2007

Windows Mobile screenshot

Back in February, I wrote about Google maps for the Pocket PC. I must say, it sadly disappointed me. I found it to be slow, and unreliable on directions. I understand you can’t follow these things blindly, but google didn’t even have a clue WHERE my destination was on two separate occasions. I’ve since found, Windows Live for Pocket PCs, and have had much better luck. Not only has it been dead on, on locations, with every search I have done so far, but it’s lightning fast! It was also up to date with construction reports in my area. To get it, simply go here, and click on Do More With Windows Mobile. You may have to sign up i(f you don’t have a Passport account), but it’s quick, painless, and one time only. There are other free programs and software on the page, and I have been enjoying the trial of Photo Contacts 3.0 and on Mobile’s news and videos.