Nader Hater


I woke up this morning to find Nader is throwing his tattered useless hat back in the ring. Conveniently after the Caucasus mind you. I hold this ass-pimple personally responsible for W’s “election”. It’s no secret he is the Republicon’s shill, but no matter, this joke won’t happen again. Anyone stupid enough to throw away there vote on him, is also too dumb to find there way to the polls on Super Tuesday anyway. Source


7 Responses to “Nader Hater”

  1. intuitivelyobvious Says:

    Don’t underestimate the stupidity of the population.

  2. Brian Mullis Says:

    Shame on you Nader!!!! Ego “unsafe in any race.” JUST GO AWAY!!!

  3. jackofspades83 Says:

    Wow, I’m always amazed by the fierce shallow hatred of those who engage in this kind of Nader-hating. You want to know whats responsible for W’s victories? Number one: suppression of the minority vote, both legally and illegally. Second, shallow, impersonal Democratic candidates, too weak to stand firm for their beliefs and support actual reform. Third, idiots like Bob Shrum who continued to receive work in upper echelons of the Democratic party even after a long history of failure and mismanagement. Fourth, the constant attempt by the Democratic party to fight for a “center” that doesn’t exist. And finally, an organized, united Republican party backed by money, political power, and a media who has absolutely no interest in serious debate.

    If you want to hate Nader, hate him for the right reasons. His questionable investments and the treatment of people who worked for him. Democrats and actual leftists should have adopted his stated positions, rather than attack him for trying to inject reform into a political system that desperately needs it. Hating him for that is to fall into the Republican trap to fracture the left, and you guys are falling for it.

  4. nicolleshanman Says:

    It makes me happy 🙂 Makes the race more interesting.

  5. ihatenader Says:

    I hate Ralph Nader and you should too. Here’s why: nearly 4000 US casualties and almost 40000 US wounded in the Iraq war. He might as well have pulled the trigger himself. Al Gore would be president right now if it wasn’t for Ralph Nader. Al Gore would have won Florida if it wasn’t for Ralph Nader. The world would be a better and safer place if Ralph Nader never existed. I think he may actually be paid by the Republican party to run for president. He can’t win and he knows this. If he is running on principle, then he should try to explain those principles to the thousands upon thousands of dead and wounded because of the Republican war machine that Ralph Nader put in the White House. In my opinion Ralph Nader is a murderer. I hate Ralph Nader and you should too.

  6. Jeffrey Says:

    The biggest problem I have with Ralph Nader is that he doesn’t have to go jump over all the hurdles that the two regular political parties have to in order to run on the Independent ticket for president. All he’s ever had to do for the past 8 years is shove himself in everyone’s face on national television and say “I’m running for president on the Independent ticket.” That doesn’t seem to me like a fair and democratic process. Considering that everyone knows that he’s taken votes away from the Democrats, it even makes me suspicious that Ralph Nader has taken bribes from the Republicans to run for president every four years. Let’s not forget that George W. Bush once planned on getting Congress to allow him to stay in the White House if he were to lose the presidency for what he claimed to be military-related reasons in light of the war in Iraq, which by the way most everyone in the U.S. and probably the war opposes. I’m not saying that he doesn’t have the right to run for president. Anybody has the right to run for president of the U.S., but there just seems to need to be a more rigid criteria in place for someone getting the nomination on the Independent ticket than that person just saying that they’re running for president. There should be some kind of census taken during the caucuses and primaries that requires someone like Mr. Nader to get so many names and signatures favoring his nomination before he can officially run in order to avoid the unfairness the presidential elections have been to the Democrats for the past 8 years.

  7. Derek Says:

    As a former Nader Presidential Campaign volunteer, I can assure you that Ralph does it fact have to jump over MORE hurdles than politicians of the two corporate parties have to, only to get on the ballot. Each state has its own requirements – some only want money, most want money and signatures. In ballot fees alone it would cost in the neighborhood of over a million dollars, keep in mind thats excluding fees for people on the ground, gas, food, etc. Some states demand over 40,000 signatures and consider write-in votes to be invalid.

    Have a nice fucking day.

    Too bad you had to end your argument with something stupid to say. Wait, that’s exactly what Nader would do! Never mind! -C

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