Taking it all too hard…

Well, after months of pondering, and a surprising number of requests to review the second box set, I purchased it. Sadly, I just could not justify spending so much to get the SACD box versions imported, and I wanted the bonus discs. I just don’t see why I should buy some of these albums for the 8th time, and spend 300 dollars plus. I found the sound to be quite good in the DTS 96/24 versions. On the last set, the DTS versions were quite good as well, and I doubt anyone but a nit-picky audiophiles could discern a difference. The best album of the bunch was by far, the 1982 album, simply titled Genesis. It’s quite nice to hear Mama in a version that gives the drums justice. That song was built for surround, and makes me ache for the final set coming later this year. Invisible Touch sounds great, but not the leap forward I was expecting. We can’t Dance (which I’ve always felt kind of petered out in the second half), was good, as was Calling all Stations. but most of these albums are more modern, and truly the surround was the only draw. I haven’t had time to dabble in the bonus disc yet, and from the interview I have seen with Ray Wilson, I remembered why I disliked him. One minute he was Genesis’ greatest fan, and the next, he had never heard of them. Sour grapes I suppose.

There is a new DVD coming of there latest concert reunion, it will be released during my vacation, and I will try to be more timely and post my comments on it. Looking back on this post, I don’t see or feel the same enthusiasm I did with the first box release. I think it’s a combination of lack of SACD, missing the bonus discs from the first set because of getting the SACD single versions, and the sheer number of times I have had to purchase the discs in the second volume. The Peter Gabriel era will cheer me up, regardless of  format I get them on I am sure. The Lamb in surround coming soon!


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