Pounding it Home

Recently, the Goons at Faux News were at it again. Some talking head I have never heard of, named E.D. Hill, referred to the fist bump Sen. Obama did with his wife, ( a gesture almost everyone I know does) as a “terrorist fist jab“. Of course she gave another Fox News, Rush Limbaugh type, lame “apology“, and Fox will take her off the air for a month or so, But you have to believe even right wing nut jobs are tired of this. All the little lame, childish innuendos. The multitude of “mistaking” Osama’s name with Bin Ladin’s. The constant suspicious, unfounded looks of derision. It all is laughable and seems like Fox is really reaching for anything to stick to the wall. I truly believe if multimedia was this advanced (live T.V., Internet, 24 hour news) in 1938, Fox News would have been precisely the kind of tool, Adolph Hitler would have used.

P.S. As I sit at my desk looking up at my Honorable Discharge, I think back to my brothers in arms, and how we all used to do that very same fist bump. I called Faux news at  (212) 301-3000 and asked them if they thought WE were all terrorists also? I know I won’t get a response.


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