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New Year New Phone.

January 27, 2008

Blackberry Pearl

 The age of Windows Mobile has ended here at Casa Carnell. In a final retrospect of Windows Mobile 5, I will say that the platform has tons of potential. However, there is lots of work that needs to be done to Active Sync to make it a more user friendly (and stable) experience. When considering a new phone, I wanted something far less “tweaky”. So far, I am really enjoying my experiences with my Blackberry Pearl 8130. Things are doing what many other platforms promise, they are “just working” to steal a line from Apple’s marketing department. I forgot how much fun noodling around a cell could be, and applications are a breeze to add, without the Incredible Disappearing App Trick that Windows Mobile 5 mastered.  I am sure I will post more reactions and thoughts on this phone over time, so stay tuned. If you are in the market for a smart-phone, I give it a full recommendation!

Windows Live Mobile Search revisited.

July 14, 2007

Windows Mobile screenshot

Well heck, my post a couple of weeks ago was all about Windows Live Search for mobile. I got a chance to use it on a work trip, in an area I am entirely unfamiliar with, and it worked perfectly! Now, they have gone and released a new version of it. I have to go out of town again soon, and I see this version has some new features I can’t wait to try out!

You can find the new version Here.

Windows Mobile Live Search

July 1, 2007

Windows Mobile screenshot

Back in February, I wrote about Google maps for the Pocket PC. I must say, it sadly disappointed me. I found it to be slow, and unreliable on directions. I understand you can’t follow these things blindly, but google didn’t even have a clue WHERE my destination was on two separate occasions. I’ve since found, Windows Live for Pocket PCs, and have had much better luck. Not only has it been dead on, on locations, with every search I have done so far, but it’s lightning fast! It was also up to date with construction reports in my area. To get it, simply go here, and click on Do More With Windows Mobile. You may have to sign up i(f you don’t have a Passport account), but it’s quick, painless, and one time only. There are other free programs and software on the page, and I have been enjoying the trial of Photo Contacts 3.0 and on Mobile’s news and videos.

Entry for February 04, 2007

February 4, 2007

Okay, this is nice. Google maps is available on cell phones now! and with my Pocket PC, and the EVDO network now in my area on Verizon, it is practically as smooth as Google Earth is on my PC! Give it a try, it’s free. It does use the internet and possible GPS, so check with your provider’s plan so you won’t be surprised with any charges.

Google Maps

Entry for November 04, 2006

November 4, 2006

Well, sorry for the lack of updates as of late, and I am afraid my blog is about something that has been around for a while.  It is about the Microsoft Reader. Now I have tried other eReaders before, but I am finding this version to be working great with my xv6700 (see previous posts). It takes a little while to get used to reading books on my cell and needing power to do so, but I am becoming acclimated to it very quickly. However the REAL purpose of this post is to tell you about the wonderful University Of Virginia Library! TONS of classic books here with minuscule file sizes free for the taking! If you are like me, always wishing to have access to the classics (and more) but really find the library a chore to deal with, this is the site for you! If you can read, they have something that should interest you there! And if you cannot read, please stop staring at this website and go do something constructive!

Microsoft Reader
Many, Many Good books!

Entry for October 05, 2006

October 5, 2006

6700 up

Okay, I think this is the moment I fell in love with this phone. I received an email with my wife’s flight itinerary, the phone AUTOMATICALLY added the schedule to my calendar and made a “trips” folder, including directions and maps! I didn’t have to do a blessed thing! That and having the entire Colts season with reminders in my phone’s calendar has me on cloud nine! I think it makes phone calls too, so that is a total bonus!

Sooo good.

September 24, 2006

6700 open

Oh my, I am loving this new phone so far. The XV6700 has wifi, EVDO, runs Windows Mobile 5, is soooo much fun. More opinions as I use it more.