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February 16, 2008


Walmart, Netflix, and Best Buy essentially put the final nail in the coffin for HDDVD. Now the last flag flyer for the format has quit. Toshiba is ceasing production of HDDVD with an announcement expected next week. I am glad to see this format war end, possibly even more than the devise of Circuit City’s Divx debacle. The quicker this ends, the quicker we get greater movies, and classic titles in sweet 1080p goodness. Source

HDDVD Vs. Blu-ray

January 5, 2008


  It Looks like Warner Brothers has crossed over to the Blu-Ray side. All of my friends ask me which to buy, and until this moment I have said neither. Carnell is officially supporting Blu-Ray as of now. I find this to be somewhat sad, since I was leaning toward HDDVD. I felt HDDVD had the advantage with price and features, but with no studio support, I feel they are doomed. All the details of this can be found HERE. Looking on the bright side of this, with Sony being the backbone of my beloved SACD format, if Blu-Ray Players include that support, this MIGHT give a little CPR to the fledgling format that I love so.

High Def Phenomenon

September 3, 2007

I have always marveled at things some people watch on television. I had also heard that hi-def will make you watch some strange things, mainly for the simple fact, it’s in hi-def! Now, I have experienced this first hand. I will watch ANYTHING in high definition! It is true! Boring shows about sunrises across the planet, losers fixing motorcycles and arguing like three year olds, shows that simply show still images, and photos set to crummy elevator music. I have sat through all of this, simply mesmerized by detail and clarity. That said, I have reached a new low yesterday. I sat through, in my opinion, one of the most expensive crapathons ever produced…..


God, I am so ashamed. What makes matters worst is, it wasn’t even the best looking movie I have seen in Hi-def, but I sat there, eyes scanning over the 16:9 image, marveling at the clarity, enjoying FINALLY having picture quality that matches my sound. I wonder how long before the novelty of it all wears off and I get my TASTE back?

New Member of my Family.

August 7, 2007

Please help me welcome the newest member to my family. HDTVMy new HDTV!!!! I took forever to finally jump in, but here I am! May we have many years of fun, laughter, and films together. <Sniff> excuse me, I have something in my eye.

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March 25, 2007